The Best in the West

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1km west of Chinchilla on Warrego HWY

Chinchilla Golf Club is a nine hole course with two tee boxes for each hole to create an attractive 18 hole par 70 layout. The course is tree lined & fully irrigated.

Course Details

Hole 1/10 Par 5

Both 9’s start with a real birdie opportunity. Any drive past the clump of Belah trees to the left side of fairway can set up a fairway wood or long iron to a flat green protected by a tree for any shot falling short right, and gentle mounds. Four here is a real opportunity but a bogey beckons should any shot fall to the right side.


2/11 Par 3

You will need a straight iron shot here as trees line both sides of the fairway. The tricky green slopes from back to front & right to left. Don’t be long because you will have a difficult chip back to stay on the surface.


3/12 Par 4

This is a short dog leg left with a water carry off the tee. Any shot to the right side of the fairway will set you up with a short iron in hand to the green. Stray too far right and you have trees to contend with all the way in. Aggressive players can take the dog leg on and leave less than 100mtr in. Beware though OOB runs the full length left along the banks of Rocky Creek.


4/13 Par 4

This is an uphill Par 4. A straight drive or a gentle draw off the tee will set you up with a mid iron to a gentle breaking green on this hole. A birdie opportunity for the good golfer yet any slice off the fairway could spell bogey or worse, with fairway lined trees tightly grown all the way to the green. A new green is under construction on this hole, which will require a much longer carry to the surface.


5/14 par 3

Two totally different holes. Hole 5 will see you hitting a mid iron downhill to the green which is sloped from back to front. From the 14 tee box the carry is 195mtrs requiring an accurate shot for golfers of all playing levels. Any shot not directed at the flag could result in some inventive chipping as large trees guard the green.


6/15 Par 4

You have to hit your drive straight through a tree lined chute. A sliced shot right risks ending up in the pond. Many drops have been taken in the drop zone here and costing players a good score. A large tree front right protects the green. Try to keep your drive dry firstly, then if you’re good enough, left hand side.


7/16 Par 3

The club’s signature hole, this is short par 3 over the pond. Don’t miss the surface though, the green is built up high and the banks will spit your ball far from the surface should you miss.


8/17 Par 4

Another hole with OOB all along the right hand side. It’s a gentle dog leg to the right with a large tree in the center of the fairway. Try to keep your drive left here but not too far as you’ll end up in the clump of trees situated at a good length 125m out and you’ll be punching low shots into a sloped green. The green is built up to avoid the rising creek in good rains and any shot not on the surface will be hard to get the ball on for a look at par.


9/18 Par 5.

The finisher; once again OOB runs down the right side of the fairway. A long Par 5 the first time round with the green close to unreachable in two. The last 150M of this hole is up hill and often into the wind. There is a bunker situated short and right of the green, which will catch any ball not hit directly to the target. The recently renovated green is hard to read and has many subtle breaks. Five is a good score first time around but birdie is certainly on offer for long hitters on 18.

Score Card